• Graphic design (business cards, advertisements, prospectuses, billboards, flyers, books etc.)
  • Creating visual identity (books of standards)
  • Branding (of products, destinations, companies, projects etc.)
  • Projecting visual communications inside of objects
  • Graphic prepress for all kinds of printing
  • Layouts for books, catalogues, prospectuses, flyers, billboards etc.
  • Scanning and processing of pictures and documents
  • Web design (hosting included)


  • Offset printing
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Tampon printing
  • Gold print
  • Foil printing
  • Roto printing and flexo printing





  • Binding: hard, soft, stapled, glued, spiral
  • Plasticization (coating)
  • UV coating
  • Stamping, perforation
  • Production of packaging, folders and recorders


  • Printing of small and medium circulations
  • Fast and quality printing to paper formatsĀ of 320x450 mm, SRA3
  • We print on all available papers, cards, foils or stickers in weights from 60 to 300 grams, on one or both sides
  • Printing of brochures, catalogues, books, flyers, price lists, stickers, small posters, menus, vine cards, paper coasters, etc..
  • Regardless of whether we create prepress or
  • the client has it done already



  • Public relations
  • Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Promotions
  • Annual plans


  • Printing of photographs and other graphics in large formats
  • Lamination to all materials
  • Framing
  • Vinyl wrapping of vehicles, walls, windows..
  • Flags
  • Billboards, city light, banners, tarpaulins
  • Boards, signs and pictograms
  • Illuminated billboards
  • Guideposts



  • Photography in all techniques
  • Photo editing
  • Photo archive
  • Advertising photography




  • Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Video documentation
  • Multimedia presentations